Saturday, December 8, 2007

Another day closer to Christmas

Well it's Saturday and it's another day closer to Christmas. An exciting time of the year and a depressing time of the year for me. This time of the year is exciting to me because I get to see the smiles on my kids faces especially when my son helps me put up the Christmas lights. This time of the year depressing because of the debt we accumulate in December alone.

I hate the idea that you have to buy someone a gift. I know kids expect it and that's OK to a certain age but adults get too overwhelmed in the shopping mode and loose the real reason for Christmas. Christmas to me is a time of fellowship, love, and eating. I don't see the meaning of giving gifts unless they are made by hand by the giver. Food is a great gift as long as it is something the person likes and you made it.

As this being the first post to my blog, my vision is to make this a journal of my life. I have never created a journal that I have kept up.

Breakfast with Santa this morning at my sons school was great for the kids. I picked out technicalities as I normally do when I am in a new situation. Of course my daughter was scared of Santa since this was the first time she really knew who Santa was. All and all I had fun seeing the excitement on my kids faces.

This afternoon we went to see it snow but it wasn't really snow. They had two foam machines on lifts blowing foam across everyone. What a joke! I know everyone expected to see a snow machine or something.

After seeing the fake snow and then eating with my brother-in-law's family we went over to my mother-in-laws house because they were having luminaries tonight. The Christmas lights were cool and I got some cool ideas for next year. I'm hoping to do computer controlled lights next year so I'm waiting for the Wal-mart after Christmas sale to stock up on lights and decorations.