Friday, February 29, 2008

Long awaited update

It's been a pretty long time since I've made any type of post to my blog and I hope to do it more often. I been trying to get my server at home straightened out. I originally planned to make it my full web server and get rid of the paid server I have now but my 512kb upload speed just wasn't enough to support the needed bandwidth. So in regards to my server I've been working on getting my pictures online with another host. I finally decided on using Flickr for my pictures because of the price and the unlimited storage. I currently have about 18 gigs of pics on my server to share.

Another piece of software in question was my current blog. I found that I liked Wordpress alot better but they didn't offer domain mapping for free. The only way I could get it to work the way I wanted was on my home server and again it couldn't handle the load even with IIS compression turned on. A day or two later I found that Blogger offered free domain mapping so I decided to stay with Blogger. You can now find my blog at

A third piece I've been working on is integrating my domain with Google Apps. I've gotten the email, docs, and calendar setup. The Google Apps is pretty cool but I'm not too sure how or if my family is even going to use it.

Right now I have a lot going through my head with work and at home. I'd like to write a really good photo website similar to 4images using Asp.Net and MSSQL Server 2005.

Anyway off to working on my server and network some more.