Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 2–Dynamic Effort Upper Body

Second day of programming. Pretty sore in the glutes and quads with the hamstrings being really tight. Below is the workout for today:
  • 9 x 3 Close Grip Bench Press @ ~50%
    • 30 to 60 second rest
  1. 3 x 12 Rear DB Deltoid Raises (shoulder)
  2. 3 x 12 Knelling Cable Rope Pulls (tris)
  3. 3 x 12 Wide Grip Pull Downs (lats)
  4. 3 x 12 Cable Rows (back)
  5. 3 x 10 Floor Presses (chest)
Worked out with my buddy Mark Brewer. I definitely perform a lot better when I work out with a partner.
I also got the pleasure of trying out a Sling Shot today. Put my raw 1 rep max of 225# on the bar. Performed the bench press with the sling shot for a double and could have done more. Was very impressed with how much the sling shot helps launch the weight out of the bottom, which is my weak spot.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 1 - Max Effort Lower Body

Today is the first day of writing my own programming so we'll see how it goes. Below is today's workout:

  • 1 Rep Max Sumo Deadlift (Approximately 5 sets)
    • 3 to 5 minute rest between sets


  1. 3 x 12 DB Weighted Lunges (Glutes)
  2. 3 x 12 Leg Press (Quads)
    • Slow down (1 to 2 seconds), explode on the way up!
  3. 3 x 15 Heavy Ab Sit-ups
  4. 3 x 12 Cable Pull Thrus (Hips)
  5. 3 x 12 Good Mornings (Back and Hamstrings)
Update: By the end I was toasted. The good mornings I cut short to 3 sets of 8 reps. I should have dropped the weight more but I was ready to get out of there after being at the gym for an hour.