Sunday, June 8, 2008

First Walgreens Deal

OK so I'm not a virgin to the drug store deals but I later realized I screwed it up. After seeing my wife do the CVSing for a couple weeks and even helping her once or twice has got me on the let's stretch every penny we have kick. I don't go as extreme as my wife does on the deals but this is my first. Right now I'm trying to only stick to deals that we use but it doesn't hurt to have a small stock of products. Especially living in hurricane prone Florida. My granny always told me when I first moved to Florida that I should have a hurricane preparedness bin so this is my way of thanking Walgreens and CVS for helping me do that. So here's what I got in my deal.

4 x 12pk Dr. Pepper cans = $11 with $3 RR
- $2 coupons ($1 off 2 12pk)

2 x 7oz Gillette Series shave gel = $4
- $2 Walgreens June coupons

1 x 7oz Gillette Satin Care shave gel = $2
- $1 Walgreens June coupons
- $.55 P&G coupon 6/1 newspaper

1 x 24pk Walgreens Cold Multi-Symptom = $3.99
@ - $3.99 rebate at end of June

Total: $20.99
Coupons: $5.55
OOP(+ Tax): 16.46

Rewards: $3.00
Rebates: $3.99

Where did I screw up you ask? We'll I thought the $5 RR was for any sale over $20 but it was $20 in Gillette products. Since it is Saturday I need to look at next weeks ad. If they have the same sale next week I may return the shave gels and then make a sale for 10 cans to total $20 so I can get the $5 in rewards. I know will forfeit my .55 coupon but getting 10 cans of shave gel for almost a quarter of the normal price will be worth it. I need to find somebody who sale newspapers so I can get the left over ads from the papers they do not sale on Sunday. That would help a lot. I like the way Walgreens puts out a coupon book every month and you don't have to clip the coupon. It's also nice that one coupon applies for each item in the sale.