Monday, December 22, 2008

Another Depressing Christmas

I never have liked Christmas.... Really what is the modern day meaning. I know what the true meaning is and nobody really celebrates that. So your next culmination may be fellowship. OK I could buy that for $200 Chuck. But really what does the modern day family see in Christmas. Is it the shopping, the tree, the lights...nope. It's the dream to buy something that may make someones life a little brighter by going in to debt so you can spend the next 12 months paying off the $37 scarf they needed for one time. You say why do I look at it this way. I think gifts should be made by hand. Christmas tree's should decorated by ornaments made by your family. Not some ornament you buy in the store so you have to store it up for another year to in the hope's it won't break while you shove it through a hole in to the attic that you can barely fit in.

I look back on the posts I made last year and even though the posts sound depressing, I still feel the same. I hate the holidays! I wish we could just go from October to January but then we wouldn't have a reason to make New Year's lies to ourselves about losing the 20 pounds you just put on in two months or paying off the thousands of dollars you spent trying to make you kids happy.

Kids are happy if you buy them something or nothing. I see it all the time. Buy a kid a twenty dollar toy and they'll play with the box it came in. So why do I think the holidays are depressing? Christmas never really had a meaning to me. Why rush around and be nice to someone once a year. Why not be nice to them all year long..... There's an idea. Now I'm starting to sound like George Carlin.

Anyway I don't like to see people exchanging gifts. It has a sense of boasting. What if the gift you got me cost more than the gift I got you. Then you pissed because you spent more than you had to. When I was younger I think I liked it a little more but I think people go way overboard. Come on does anyone celebrate Columbus Day? No, but damn sure like the day off from work right. So back on task as I ramble away. I have a lot to say in the winter so get use to it. Let's break this down element by element and undermine the value.

UPDATE: I started to add them all in here but I figured I could make multiple blog posts and keep this going for a few enjoy.