Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Glimpse for Asp.NET Developers

Last week I watched Scott Hanselman demo a add-on to Asp.NET named Glimpse. If you are familiar with Firebug in Firefox then Glimpse will look very similar. Glimpse allows you to look at all the information of your website while you are debugging to really find out what information is being transferred. You can watch a small demo video of Glimpse on the Glimpse website.

If you are an Asp.NET developer then I suggest you check it out.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cloud based Windows Domain Server

The problem I have today is really needing a domain server in my home but what I'd really like is a cloud based domain server for home. With having numerous devices in the home and needing to manage permissions and passwords I really just need a domain. When user's change their password on one computer and not the others it messes up the Windows Home Server backups. Plus the people in the house have to remember which password works with which computer.

I've seen where some one was able to do it with Amazon Web Services for a significant price but then it was a hack of DNS forwarding. I wonder if Microsoft has any plans to offer a similar better integrated solution with Windows Azure cloud services. This way I could manage the domain from anywhere and it would be on a very secure and manage network.

I just came back from MS Tech-ed NA 2011 and saw a lot of the capabilities that Azure could do for businesses but I'm wondering how they can help the home power user.

Anybody got any idea's where I could get a Windows Domain in the cloud or is it just a really bad idea?