Saturday, January 25, 2020

Anger: A love hate relationship

Anger. Anger is an emotion. Just like fear, joy, kindness, and love. It can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing. We can use anger to fuel us in a positive way or we can use anger to fuel us in a negative way. You never know how far you are willing to go when anger takes a hold of you and then you realize there is no turning back. You will do things out of anger that your concise self would never even conceive of doing.

There is a deep part of our mind we don’t know exists until we finally reach it. A coach, who I won’t name, asked me one time “What my deepest fear was?” My answer was going so deep into my mind that I’m scared I won’t recognize who I am or what I will find. Anger is like this. There are deep levels of our mind we never knew we would go to and on the positive side of that there are levels of our mind we will tap into that allow use excel behind any barrier we could ever think of. This is why people who would never kill someone will kill out of anger. It’s also the same reason while a person can live through a firefight or run hundreds of miles.

I once believed that removing emotion from everything made life better. There are situations in life where you should remove emotion and you should never make a decision on emotion alone. Without emotion, we would be stoic. We would be incapable of love. That means without anger we would be incapable of love or joy or insert your favorite emotion. Every decision would be about moving life in a specific direction and not about enjoying the process. You need the right balance of emotion to make a sound decision.