Sunday, March 2, 2008

Who needs a stairmaster when you have stairs

I lay here in the floor on Sunday night about ready to go to bed and begin my week of ass pounding on the keyboard until my fingers are sore.

The weekend was very eventful in my house. Friday my wife and I decided we needed to do some rearranging of the furniture in the house. We first started with our bedroom and the loft outside the door of our bedroom. Our plans are to make a small bedroom out of the loft for our daughter. This also included moving the computer closet from the upstairs closet down to the closet under the stairs. This took almost all of Saturday and I still haven't finished hooking up everything. Sometime this week I've got to call Cox to unlock the cable box for me to run a new cable line to the under stairs closet. This closet was were I planned to setup everything from the start but we initially had all the computer equipment upstairs on the loft so that's were I originally setup the shelving and wiring.

Anyway we got most of our bedroom cleaned up and a good part of the loft. Mostly what's left is putting clothes away in the closets and then we can begin setting the bed up for my daughter. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to go to Lowe's to get some coax cable and a waterproof exterior box for the new cable line. You may ask why I need a exterior box to run a cable line. The box is for me moving all my cable and telephone lines to so I don't have to call the cable company every time I want to do something with my cable.

The closet under the stairs is pretty much wired up other than me having problems with my server over heating because I have it vertical instead of horizontal. For some reason I am having problems with my new motherboards north bridge overheating. I emailed Gigabyte today but I won't here anything from them for a couple days to week if they even respond at all. I should get my DVD drive back from NewEgg this week that I had to RMA.

Off to dreamland I go......

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