Tuesday, February 2, 2016


A hospital is a scary place for someone who hates to see others suffering. I've spent my whole life watching others suffer for various reasons and the older I get I slowly see the people close to me move on. Sitting here, I watched a young woman come into the area in a wheelchair complaining she couldn't feel certain body parts and crying because she was scared. God only knows what was stirring in that woman's head but I felt for her. I won't lie, I wanted to cry myself. She reminded me of one the kids in my youth group. I wanted to walk up and hold this lady's hand and tell her it will be ok. To say a prayer for her that gives her hope that she wasn't just another barcode in the sea of patients. Hope. That's really all we want in life when we go to a hospital or a doctor with an uncertain problem is a little bit of hope.

This weekend at Revolution I watched a young girl stand there crying after a powerful testimony. A testimony that included an attempt to end their own life. As I watched her cry I knew she had connected with that testimony on a deep level. Maybe she too has thought about suicide at one time. I really know how that feels. It's not a feeling you ever want to have to ever look back on. I know when I had those thoughts the only thing I ever wanted was someone to come along and tell me everything will be ok. After about 30 seconds of watching this girl try to hold her arms up in praise while trying to wipe the tears as fast as she could. Almost if she didn't want anyone to see her crying, I got up. I walked over to her and held her just like I do my own daughters. She just leaned in me and cried her heart out. This went on for about a minute. Eventually, she stood back on her own with her head down. I ask her if she minded if I prayed for her. I put my hand on her shoulder and she leaned into me as I began to pray for her. I prayed for her to have peace. I prayed for her to have hope. I prayed for Jesus to walk beside her because I knew this wasn't the end. She still has an open wound in her life that she's going to need God's guidance and God's unfailing love for. After we prayed I asked the girl her name and introduced myself just to remove any awkwardness. We shook hands, she said thank you, and then a few seconds later her friend ran over to give her the biggest hug. She was smiling again but I could tell there was still some reserve in there. I hope that my presence wasn't just some weird guy holding me but the arms of God letting her know that there is hope. Hope for another day. And a person will go a long way on a little bit of hope.

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