Saturday, December 15, 2007

End of the Week

Yesterday was a typical Friday closing up a very eventful week. Everything went pretty smooth. I showed up for work on time and we had our typical bi-weekly team meeting to get everybody in the team on the same page. I prefer not to discuss details of that meeting here as some of the information is considered business strategies that could be detrimental to our future projects. Gladly I'd say our meeting went well.

The rest of the day I spent trying to prioritize the couple of hundred projects I am working along with find solutions to some of the problems one of our customers complained about the day before in our meeting with them. I was happy that I found this export button that nobody really knew about in one of our tools so all I had to do was write and import function for that data to solve a large problem of having to fat finger data into our tool. The was the highlight of my day that didn't happen till the last 10 minutes of me being at work.

After getting home from work I was pretty damn tired. I needed a recharge from the whole week. My wife wanted Subway for dinner since I had a coupon for some free subs that I won from the radio station. The sub way good but Subway just doesn't put enough meat on their subs compared to Quiznos or Lennys. After dinner had went to take a nap for one hour but nobody came to wake me up for two hours but that nap was much needed. The rest of the night went as normal with no big events other than my wife cleaning out a cabinet in the kitchen.

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