Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Update Tuesday

Well today is Tuesday and that means it's update Tuesday for Microsoft Update. Today started out as good day. I went to bed at a decent hour and woke up refreshed. My daughter woke up before I left this morning and she was very playful with me before everybody else got up. Off to work I go.

Work was a chaotic day. Everything was go, go, go and I need that software solution now, no wait yesterday. I've been stressed out at work lately with the amount of work to do and all the new projects that I need to complete. I wish I had the time to do them all and had the motivation I use to have. While at lunch today I had some links taken out of my watch I received the other day as an award.

After work I had to drive by my mother-in-laws house to swap out a printer toner and see what's wrong with her email. I changed out the toner and looked for her computer but couldn't find it. Later I find out it's under her pillow in her bed. I guess she thinks I'm the tooth fairy.

Anyway she came over to our house later tonight and I spent the better part of two hours doing Microsoft updates but couldn't find anything wrong with Outlook Express. I think it was the keyboard input device (User error). Well tonight I really haven't done much. I spent the night updating my computer, the web server, and monitoring the home server making sure it's still backing up to the remote backup location. Right now I am trying out Carbonite and it's running for the second day and isn't a third of the way through 250GB of storage space. I ended up having to fix my wife's computer too because Yahoo messenger wasn't working. Ohh good the panic! I'm sure the world would have ended if she went another day without it. Had to uninstall Zone Alarm and everything worked. I could have sworn I had uninstalled that before but I guess I hadn't.

I didn't go swap out my truck's battery today so I had to put my truck on the charger tonight so it wouldn't die tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to make it tomorrow sometime so I can get this done.

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lenpal said...


Are you really trying to back up 250GB? That's a lot to try to back up over of home DSL or cable Internet service. The usual upload speed for these services is approximately 350kbps which equates to about 2.5-3GB per day. If you really have 250GB that you're trying to back up, I would go back and deselect the things you don't really worry about so that the important stuff gets backed up soon. (You do this by opening "My Computer" and right clicking on any folder that you want to de-select.) You can always add them back in later when your most important stuff is backed up.

If you have any questions or want more specific instructions on how to make sure the most important stuff gets backed up first, feel free to contact me at customersupport@carbonite.com

Len Pallazola
Carbonite Customer Support