Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I am.

If you were asked today to fill in the blank “I am __________.” What would you say? Would your answer change based on the atmosphere you are in, the people you are around, the context of the question, or even your current state of mind?
Could you answer the question in a direct manner or would you have to start listing all the things you aren’t, therefore, determining who you are by process of elimination and not directly answering the question of who you are? Would you honestly answer who you are at the current and present time or would you mix in who you are based on where your life may go in the future or who you want be in a future state? Would your internal voice say something different than you external voice?
Lastly, could the people who are closest to you validate who you say you are? Would they say you are someone different than who you say you are?
Who are you?

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